Safeguarding & Early Help


Safeguarding our children, staff and visitors is a fundamental part of our work.  Within our school, we follow clear policies and procedures to ensure that children are safe from harm.

The Safeguarding Policy and Procedure is available here.

Early Help.

Early Help is in place to ensure that families have help and support at the point of need.  School is equipped to provide support to families and is able to access a range of services on behalf of families and children.
We have two skilled Family Support Workers, Lindsey Cryer & Claire Heywood, who are employed to help families if they are experiencing any issues from routines at home to accessing support for housing.   They can be reached through the school office or on a Monday when they are available on site.   Their telephone numbers are;

Lindsey Cryer - 07807 510318

Claire Heywood - 07812 223272

Our Pastoral Lead, Mrs Nightingale, is always on hand to provide help for parents.  She can be reached by contacting the school office or calling into school during the school day.