Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School

Through Work, Through Worship, Through Witness

Welcome to Year 3!


Mrs G Walker (Teacher),  Mrs J Rushton (Teaching Assistant)


Spring term 2021


In Religion we will be looking at the liturgical year and the main celebrations of Ordinary Time and Lent.  We will think about some of the feast days of Our Lady and the place of pilgrimage as part of a spiritual journey. We will consider what it means to be a Christian and the place of attending church, what happens during Mass and why receiving the Eucharist is important. As we move through Lent we will reflect on what it means to do things for others and prepare for the celebration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


We will study a range of myths, legends, fables and traditional tales. We will be reading stories from different cultures and writing instructions. In spelling we will look further at prefixes and suffixes, adverbial clauses and the use of adjectives in enhancing writing. We will look at rules for demarcating speech with inverted commas and how to use an apostrophe for possession. Some of our literacy will be through texts inked to our topic on Rainforests.


In maths we will revise comparing, ordering numbers and solving simple word problems. We learn about simple fractions and continue to work on our tables, especially the 4 and 8 times tables to extend the work we have already begun and multiply a two digit number by 2,3,4,5 and 8. We will read information presented in tables and graphs, learn how to measure and calculate addition/subtraction in the context of money. We will also practice telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 


In this science topic we will continue to learn about forces and how some objects can move without being touched by another object and know how magnets can be useful in real life. We will be learning about animals:  to identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat. In technology we will look at foods from different parts of the world and follow instructions to make a healthy sandwich.  We will also identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.


In music we will learn to create, combine and perform rhythmic perform melodies using a glockenspiel. We will learn to play along with the song: Let your spirits fly.


In PE is on a Tuesday. We will be focussing on target games such as throwing, kicking, punting and bouncing various balls with increasing accuracy. We will be using feet, hands and other equipment such as a racquet. We will also focus on health related fitness- flexibility, developing balance, agility and co-ordination and learning how biometrics is used in sport. Graham from Rochdale Football Club will also be in to deliver the Primary Stars coaching programme.


In the creative curriculum ‘ Remarkable Rainforests’ we will be learning about the location of the world’s rainforests, life in the rainforest and the effect of human activity upon the eco system.  We will find out about the Mayans, learn how to use an atlas and read maps and use geographical vocabulary.  We will link our work on the local area of Wardle reservoir to study the life and art of LS Lowry.



In French we will learn and take part in a traditional story – Le navet énorme, recognise some masculine and feminine nouns, understand and use numbers 0 to 20, answer simple questions about favourite playground games and read and recognise some familiar written words. We will also talk about the activities you are good or bad at both in and out of school, be able to respond with a short phrase, action, or oui /non to questions about activities, be able to use praise words and join in with a simple song and recognise your birthday month when you hear it.


In computing we will be able to recognise acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour, understand that computer networks allow information to be transferred and shared, understand that the internet is a large network that allows computers to share information, be able to use search engines to find specific websites and understand that not all websites are as reliable as others.





Homework is set on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Friday.



www.mymaths.co.uk   for information on maths activities


www.woodlandsjunior.co.uk   for information to help with geography and history topics


www.educationcity.co.uk  for literacy, numeracy and science activities


www.bbc.co.uk    for cross curricular activities