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June bubble closure - Please check Seesaw for regular updates. You can also post your work through Seesaw and ask any questions directly to Mrs Chamberlain.

If you do not have your seesaw login, please contact the school office.

June bubble closure - Please check Seesaw for regular updates. You can also post your work through Seesaw and ask any questions directly to Mrs Chamberlain.

If you do not have your seesaw login, please contact the school office.



Mrs E Chamberlain - Teacher

Miss C Miller- TA

Welcome to our Summer term overview!

We have lots of exciting things planned this term, have a read through the find out some of the things we will be learning about!


Transformation-Pentecost - 

Christians believe that the Spirit of God is active in each person and in a special way in the community of believers, which is the church.  It is the work of the Spirit to enable people to hear Gods message, to respond and share it.  The feast of Pentecost is a celebration of the gift of God’s Spirit and its transforming power.

Reconciliation - Freedom and Responsibility

Christians believe that God has given to each person the free will and power to choose.  The gift of God’s Spirit, guarantee of God’s abiding presence is the foundation of Christian faith in the holiness of conscience.   The creative interplay of freedom and responsibility informs the life of the community of believers, the Church.

Universal Church - Stewards of Creation

Christians believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has the special gift and challenge of sharing in God’s creation. We ourselves are part of creation, and are dependent upon it: we are made aware that caring for creation is part of caring for ourselves



Please encourage your child to go onto the following sites to support their learning:

www.ttrockstars.com (Your child's log in information is inside their reading record)


The children will have times-tables tests 3 times a week and will have a short test at the end of each module that we’ll be learning.  

During the Summer term, the areas of maths that we will be covering in lessons include:

  • Decimals and Percentages.
  • Decimals
  • Properties of Shape
  • Position and Direction
  • Converting Units
  • Volume


Please try to listen to your child read every day for 10 minutes. This should be followed by a discussion of the text and is more effective for reading progress than one or two longer sessions each week. Please then update your child’s reading record book each time you hear them read including books or other reading material they choose from home. You can record aspects they found difficult or if they particularly enjoyed it. Please ensure your child’s reading book and record are in school every day so we can hear your child read as often as possible.

Some websites which can support your child's reading progress are;

www.getepic.com - Children should enter our unique class code. This site is only available freely 7am - 4pm.

www.readtheory.org - Your child's login information is at the front of their reading record.

We will be reading a range of different texts throughout the year, both through our topic work and also our story time and reading for pleasure opportunities. Ask your child what our current class book is!

Writing/ Topic - Marvellous inventions - The Victorians

Our first unit of written work will be based around the book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. We will look at, read and study a wide range of quality texts which both date from, and are set in, Victorian Britain. Our focus for this topic will include the Industrial Revolution and changes to British society which occurred during this time period, particularly steam based inventions along with advances in art and architecture. We will also explore the Co-op movement as part of our local history project!

You can look below at the topic overview for a more detailed overview of the things covered in this topic. 


Will be given out each Monday ready for a test the following Friday. Spellings will be entered into children's reading records.


Please read with your child every day for 10 minutes. Your child will be given a list of spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on them that Friday.  Please help your child to learn them.

Your child will be given their learning log with a variety of suggested topic related activities, please support them to research and support their findings. Children can bring completed homework into school as and when it is completed.


 Our first Science topic is Living things and their habitats where we will explore lifecycles and after half term we will be learning about Animals including Humans looking at growth and development of humans.


Our PE lessons will take place every Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes to school each Thursday dressed in their full PE kit.