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 A Warm Welcome To Our GIFT Chaplaincy Page. 


Welcome to the Gift Chaplaincy page.

The Chaplaincy Team now has 4 new members. They are Lily, Olly, Grace and Britney. Together with existing members, Laycie, Tymon, Keira and John they will continue to support the Catholic life of our school.

The team have given the Chaplaincy area a little re-vamp for this year. The children wanted to create a space that was calm, relaxing, and prayerful and one that was more appealing to children. They have chosen natural resources and created an environment along the lines of a woodland theme.

In order to enhance the provision further in this area the children wrote a letter to Mrs Walker and asked if she could help them resource some appropriate reading material. It has been agreed that the team have a budget to acquire the bible stories and prayer books etc. that they need. Mrs Walker plans to take some of the team to the Cathedral book shop in the very near future to make their purchases.

During October the team helped set up a focal point in the prayer space and led some of the gatherings for the Holy Rosary.

From November the Chaplains will open the prayer space every morning break and each KS2 class will have a designated day in which they can come along and spend some time in quiet prayer and reflection. Two member of the team will be on hand each day to offer guidance and support.

The team meet every Tuesday lunch time. During these sessions we spend time praying for the sick, elderly and housebound of our parish. Please let us know if there is an individual who you would like us to remember in our prayers.

The Chaplains are keen to develop links with home and the Parish so if you have any ideas how you think this can be achieved please email the school with your thoughts.

The team are currently composing a special Holy Family Book of Prayers, written by children and families of our school. Please hand in any prayers to myself, a member of the team or they can be emailed to school if preferred.

The team have been thinking about our Parish community and what they could do to help others and decided on a plan. They recently asked all our school children to donate 20p. This money has been collected in and will be used to purchase some small items. These will then be packaged together and distributed as Christmas parcels to the sick and housebound of our Parish.

In addition to the previously mentioned ideas the children will continue to assist in class liturgies and assemblies.

As we approach December the team are preparing some special gatherings for their peers. They are planning to hold a liturgy each Monday morning throughout Advent and really hope that some parents will be able to join us too.

The continued support and encouragement given to the team is very much appreciated so a big Thank you to one and all.

Thank you for visiting our page and please check back soon for further updates.


The Chaplains regularly plan and lead Prayer Stations for children in Key Stage 1 & 2.  Here are some examples of the lovely prayerful ideas they have had this year...

Chaplains led some prayer stations all about Anti-Bullying to raise awareness about what bullying is and how we can work together to make sure we treat one another with love and gentleness.

Our Chaplains attended a special Stations of the Cross service at St Cuthbert's High School this Lent.  It was attended by children from other partner schools to St Cuthbert's and was a really prayerful and special Lenten reflection.

Congratulations to the Chaplains who produced our 5th Station of the Cross, Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His cross.