With God, all things are possible...

The Council members are:

Precious (year 4), Kaitlyn, Shianne, Joshua and Avena (year 5), Reka, Patrick, Madison and Tia (year 6)

We meet most Wednesday mornings, in the hall.

School Council Achievements


We have helped the Digital Leaders in teaching Key Stage 1 & 2 about E-safety and how to keep safe on line.

We have raised money for McMillan Cancer and Fairtrade projects.

During October, we did a MacMillan coffee morning, which raised £159.

During November, we have been supporting a local charity for the homeless  -  Petris.  We have done this by collecting donations of hats, scarves, gloves and socks.  Funds have been raised through selling Christmas lollies.

For Caritas, we have been fundraising by running a chocolate hamper raffle and selling candy canes for the charity, "No Room at the Inn".

Thank you for all the continued support from our wonderful families.


Things to come:


 We are planning to run a Number Day  on February 5th, to raise money for the NSPCC.  More details to follow.