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School Policies & Information (click to download)

Paper copies of any school policies or documentation are available on request at the school office.


Holy Family Prospectus 2020-21

Holy Family Admission Policy 2022 Final.doc

Holy Family Antibullying Policy 2020.doc

Holy Family Attendance Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Behaviour and Discipline Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Breakfast Club Agreement.2020.doc

Holy Family Breakfast Club Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Charging & Remissions Policy 2020.doc

Holy Family Collective Worship Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Complaints Policy.doc

Holy Family E-safety Policy 2020.doc

Holy Family Equality Information & Objectives Policy 2021

Holy Family Medical Conditions & First Aid Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Homework Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Inclusion Policy 2020-21.doc

Holy Family IT Acceptable Use Policy Children.doc

Holy Family Lettings Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Marking Policy.2020.doc

Holy Family Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy.2020-21.doc

Holy Family Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy COVID 19 School Closure Arrangements March 2020

Holy Family Safety from Violence and Aggression Policy.2020.doc

Rochdale LA Allegations Management Guidance

Holy Family School Safety Policy 2020.doc

Holy Family School Visits Policy.2020.doc

LA Safer Recruitment Policy

Children Missing Education

Holy Family Single Equality and CC Policy.2019-20.doc

School Dinner Money Policy - 2020.doc

Holy Family Staff Code of Conduct.doc

Holy Family Whistleblowing Policy.doc

Holy Family Performance Management Policy.